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Leak Detection

Find leaks in your distribution network

Reservoir Inspections

4K video inspection of internal & external


Flow Testing, Repair and Flushing

Meter Reading & Install

Install and reading for a variety of meter reading systems

Operational Assistance

Certified Utility Operators

Water Sampling

Analysis from Provincially accredited laboratories

Well Treatment

Effective methods for well water treatment

Utility Maintenance

Preventative and corrective utility maintenance


Trust us to safeguard your community’s health, environment, and sustainable growth through our dedicated expertise in maintaining water infrastructure – a cornerstone for resilient and flourishing communities.


From regular inspections to proactive maintenance, we ensure that your drainage infrastructure operates at peak performance, minimizing the risk of flooding and erosion


Securing the health and sustainability of communities starts with prioritizing the maintenance of sanitary sewer systems. We understand the pivotal role that well-maintained sewer infrastructure plays in preserving public health and environmental integrity.

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